Multiple backup jobs to tape drive

  • 19 March 2024
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Good day.

I have configured my Commvault backup to write jobs directly to tape (not auxiliary copy)

However, I noticed some things


  • the client is an oracle database. I installed the file system agent and oracle iDA
  • I configured the file system agent to backup some contents in a path, and the Oracle iDA to backup instances and archives.

However, the files were successfully backed up to the tape drive. The oracle instances failed. Error is in screenshot.

I tried to click on the error code, it was blank. I also know that Commvault should be able to backup a storage policy to a tale, regardless of the workload type. Is there a way to resolve this issue? Its been on for days.

4 replies

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Hi @zadok001 ,


There seems to be limitation with number of drives. Please confirm if the error occurs when you are running jobs in parallel to tape copy.


Also confirm number of drives.





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Sorry Suleman.


i took time to respond.


first the tape is a single loader.

two, parallel copy was enabled.


three, it is not an auxiliary copy.

isnt it possible to write multiple jobs to a single tape drive?

how can I achieve that?

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Hi @Tshadoq ,


No worries.


=> Yes, it is not an AUx copy job. why I asked was because Aux copy job will also reserve the drive and jobs will not run unless drive reservation is released.


isnt it possible to write multiple jobs to a single tape drive?

how can I achieve that?

=> If jobs are running for a same Storage policy then multiple jobs can use the same tapes but there would not be alot of jobs running parallelly because tape use sequential writes.


=> If you still see the same issue, then we will have to add more drives.





Single drive autoloader is an issue here. Resources are allocated per job, so one job is writing, all other jobs are waiting.