Rebooting Tape library while a restore from tape is happing. Will the restore be corrupted?

  • 16 November 2023
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what will happen if a restore from tape is happening and I suspend the job and place CommVault on maintenance mode and reboot the tape library? Once the tape library reboots, and I resume the job will the restore be corrupted? 

3 replies

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Hello @Evrard 

Thanks for the great question!
Unfortunately i cannot give you a direct yes or no answer to your question as it depends on the type of restore you are performing. If you are just doing a simple file system restore then you should have no issues with suspending the job, performing your reboot and then resuming the job.

The tape library its self being rebooted does not have much effect on if you can suspend and resume the job, its more around if the restore job you are performing supports being interrupted as some do not.

Hope this helps answer your question!

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Albert Williams

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It should be safe if you are suspending all backup/restore jobs running to tape library and putting the library in maintenance in the console. Restore jobs have ability to resume from where it was suspended, so data restored will not be corrupt.

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To echo what Satya and Albert said, not all restore job types are resumable, but regular file system restores are.    If the job is suspended (and ideally the tapes unloaded) the job can be continued once the physical library finishes rebooting and it is back online.