Tape library - 3 week sets

  • 14 August 2022
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Afternoon all

I have a few questions - hopefully nothing too complicated!

I have recently configured a tape library in our Commvault environment which appears to be working OK - I just had a few questions around configuring the tape library to suite our needs.

The plan is to backup to tapes so they can be take offsite daily and used in a DR scenario. We would like to keep 3 weeks worth of data on the tapes and would like to have a tape for each day.

I’ve configured the auxiliary copy job and the related schedules to backup at a suitable time which I think so far is fine however where I appear to be struggling is with configuring Commvault to backup to a new tape each day.

We will have 21 tapes and as an example tape 001 will be week 1 Monday, tape 002 will be week 1 Tuesday etc - tape 007, 008 and 009 will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively.

There will be x2 SP’s that will be backing up to tape - my question is, is it possible to configure CV so that one the backup job from SP2 is completed it will flag that tape as non-writable (only after both SPs have successfully backed up to tape?)

Secondly, is it possible to “trigger” a auxiliary copy once another auxiliary job is finished? As an example …. Aux 1 job runs and completes which then triggers aux 2 job to run (and if possible mark the media as full, ties in with the above question)


Many thanks in advance!


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2 replies

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All, I believe I have found the answer to my second question which is in this article here run auxiliary copy when full backup is done | Community ( I can create a data protection alert for when a job successfully completes and then run a script to start an aux job - aux job must be “saved as a script”

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You can set a backup to mark a tape as full when it finishes, or request a new tape when it starts:

However, it might be better to use Vault Tracker to manage the tape exports and imports:

It depends on your end goal.  Commvault removes the need to have dedicated tapes per day.  You just export after they are used and import when they age and are ready for re-use.  

If those tapes are needed for a restore, CV will tell you (you don’t need to track days>tapes).

Let me know if this helps!