Use an existing library with data while creating global deduplication policy

  • 31 March 2022
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Hi All,


We currently only have intellisnap backup and the existing disk library is only being used for the SQL tlog backups. We are planning to onboard few streaming backups and configure global deduplication.

Is it possible to select the existing library which contains transaction log data while creating the global deduplication policy without impacting the data on it? I am trying to avoid to have multiple disk libraries. Or do I need to configure an empty disk library for this purpose? Thanks.




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5 replies

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One important thing to note is that the disk library will be used for metadata and indexing backups. The index on most snap jobs is pretty small though (unless you are cataloging the snap). But no issues pointing multiple storage policies to a single disk library.

Thanks @Orazan 

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Yes you can. 

Thanks @Orazan , so can we just use the existing library to create global dedupe policy?

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Good morning.  You can add transaction log backups to the policy with no issues.  However transaction logs will be skippped.  Commvault uses “Content Aware” deduplication the software knows what type of data is being backed up.  Transaction logs will be skipped from deduplication being that there is little to know savings when deduplicating them.