Windows File System Backup & Archive Misconfiguration / Misunderstanding

  • 1 December 2021
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When Commvault introduced the defaultArchiveSet alongside the defaultBackupSet I think I misunderstood how it was supposed to be used an this resulted in me misconfiguring that subclient.


We have a file server which has a number of drives that I backup, but we also wanted to archive files within that backup location. So we setup seperate subclients one under defaultbackupset and one under defaultarchiveset. This has caused some of the same data to be backed up twice.


What I am thinking is that we should have just configured archiving under the defaultbackupset subclient and left the defaultarchiveset alone?




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6 replies

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@JaeDubbya , in an older version, you were able to Archive within a normal backup set (it was called One Pass), but now we do things the way you have it configured with 2 sets: backup and archive.

Here’s how the new model works:

Now, depending on how everything is configured, you may be backing up the data twice, though we’d need more info.

Are there multiple subclients per set, or just default in each?

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Thanks Mike,


We have three subclients due to different schedule requirements, one for each drive O, V & H.

One Commvault employee noticed the duplication a few weeks ago and mentioned about it which got me thinking. However I had pointed out that even though the content and filters for the defaultArchiveSet subclient for each drive were idential to the subclient on the defaultBackupSet. The actual content that was being backed up in the defaultArchiveSet was missing many folders and files which appeared in the defaultBackupSet subclient.


He wasn’t able to look into the issue or misconfiguration further at the time as we were investigating something else.



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Might be worth creating another case (and sharing the incident number here) so someone can really dive in deep.

The ideal would be to compare the content, and check the various licensing capacity impacts.  It’s not (necessarily) so much if you have the data backed up twice, but if you’re licensing is correctly applied (which can be somewhat involved a check).

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We are currently experiencing licencing issues which we are working to resolve. We know we need to buy additional licence which is going through our procurement, but it has also made me take a closer eye at some of our configurations. 

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Appreciate the share!  I’ll follow the incident.

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Sharing the incident solution:

Discussed archiving configuration with customer who was concerned on the amount of what was getting backed up on his archive backupset

Explained that what was backed up was only what met retention and discussed configuration further with the customer.