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  • 1 March 2023
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I'm trying to backup Virtual machines on VMware.

All backups are ok except two vms.

I have this error

Cannot read disque [[Datastore2-Compellent] SRV-EXCHANGE/SRV-EXCHANGE-000002.vmdk] for virtual machine [SRV-EXCHANGE] on the host [esxi03.domain.local]. 
[Une ou plusieurs erreurs se sont produites lors du traitement de la demande. (ERROR_ERRORS_ENCOUNTERED.774) , Échec de ReadCurrVmdkFile (W32.774)]

I have verified the connection between the access node and vice and the ESXIs all fine.

But I noticed that commvault try to access to vmdk disk that didn't exist on the VMs.

i have tow VMDK Files for two virtual disks that called  “SRV-EXCHANGE/SRV-EXCHANGE-1-000028.vmdk and SRV-EXCHANGE/SRV-EXCHANGE-000004.vmdk” for this vm.

Someone has a solution for this



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4 replies

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@NVFD411 ok i will chek this again.

Thank you.

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@Elmahdi Achraf - Based on the initial troubleshooting steps you provided.  It seems that the error may be with the VMDK files itself (possible corruption or discrepancies between the VMDK files and vdisk).  

As mentioned here -

To rule out corruption or fragmentation quickly have your VMware team Storage vMotion the VM having the issue.  As it migrates the VM it will clear up any issues. If the problem persist then I recommend that a case with Commvault be opened to investigate further.


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@Elmahdi Achraf - Must be a communication issues.  Please double check the network connectivity and access via the needed ports.

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we have tried the storage vmotion but the problem still persists