Need deleted VMs details from vCenter on Commvault.

  • 15 April 2024
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I need the api that gives the deleted VMs list from the vCenter. As per the document:


I should get isDeleted in status info as a response but I didn’t see anything like that when I ran the Get VM api:




test VM is already deleted.


I need an api that can mention that the VM is deleted on vCenter. So I could go ahead and delete it from commvault.

4 replies

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I ran a backup for this test client just to see if it registers the deleted VM and then it will show in the api call but nothing showed up.

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@RandomCustomer ,

The call that you are using is not that same call as you referenced, the call you are using is a newer version which currently does not return the information you are looking for. Please try this url instead and you should be the results you are looking for.




Edward J Holowienka

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I deleted one of the test VMs from Vcenter. Now it does not appear in output. Rest of them appear. 

I can still see that VM on the commandcenter and commcell console. I created a new testvm for testing and it is now deleted from vCenter. but the output says isDeleted : False.


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forCV_tobedeleted no longer exists on the Vcenter. It has been deleted. but it still show isDeleted:False . Expected output is :

forCV_tobedeleted: isDeleted - True


Am I missing something here?