Vmware VSA backup via NBD over backup network

  • 22 April 2024
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How I configure Vmware VSA backup via NBD over backup network? normaly I need NIC pairing between client and MediaAgent to be sure the backup trafic is travelling over backup network, but in this case the ESXi server is delivering the data, how I can do here NIC pairing, as Commvault has only the vCenter server configured?

Currently we use proxy server VMs with hot-add, but we want to reduce the VM foot print.

We use Vmware and Windows MAs.

Commvault version is v11.32.42

regards Juergen

2 replies

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Take a look at this: NBD and NBDSSL Transport for VMware (

The clunky method is to use Hosts file entries on the VSA Access Nodes. 

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thanks, I see, there was a change in vmware 7.0 version, that was the point which I overlooked.