Recommendations and Requests for CommandCenter interface

  • 10 March 2022
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My company has been using CommVault software for many years, and we have enjoyed all of its features and reliability. Now that the transition to the web-based Command Center is occurring, I have two requests/recommendations for the interface.


Could this feature be included in the Slot View window? or is there another window which can display this information?


1: Could the Job Controller and Media-in-Library tabs be included as options to include on the Overview Dashboard? I realize the information in these could be quite extensive, but might it be possible?


2: Because my company consistently works with 25-35 tapes in the library at any given time, it is sometimes annoying to click between pages of 30 tapes in the “Slot View” window, because each page only contains twenty tapes. This problem is compounded by empty slots being displayed with the same space in the list as an actual tape in the library. This causes the list of tapes to spill onto several pages. Could this limit of displayed tapes per page be increased? Or perhaps empty slots have the option to not be displayed so they don’t take up space in the window?

This same issue occurs for other lists such as the list of file servers. If a company has over fifty file servers, it can sometimes be challenging to locate a specific server even though they are sorted alphabetically.


I appreciate all the work that is done to make this software so easy to use; I hope these suggestions help to improve it further.


-Jordan Nichols

3 replies

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Tagging in @MFasulo , the go to for Command Center features :nerd:

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“Slot View” for a particular tape library is located:

Storage > Tape > *name of tape library* > Slots

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hi @Jordan Nichols  could you explain what you mean by slot view window? Can you share a screenshot?