Alert via Access nodes?

  • 17 January 2024
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We are trying to configure Alerts for failed backups. Tested a few scenarios out and it seems there is no way to get notified about failed backup via the access nodes.

The access nodes(proxies) are carrying out backup jobs for multiple instances and hoped we would be able to set up only 1 alert definitions for those instances instead of creating individual alerts for all our instances. (plus we hope to be future proof with this, so if any new instances are being onboarded, then we don’t need to amend/create any alerts).

Could you confirm that failed backup alerts cannot be configured via access nodes in such way?
Is there any alternative that allows us to automatically add newly onboarded instances to alerts to check for failed backups?


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3 replies

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Hi @gszoll ,

You cannot add an Alert via the Access Nodes but you should be able to do that by using Association where you can select anything you want, Instance, Agent, Backupset, Subclient...:


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Hi @Sebastien Merluzzi ,
Thank you for responding!

I had a look at the settings you pointed out, but I don’t find an option to include Instances just Servers(Clients) and Server Groups(Client Groups).

To give you a bit more context: we have multiple RDS instances across various AWS Accounts. Our environment is changing/evolving constantly, meaning that Alert needs to be updated frequently in order to keep up to date and incorporate the latest instances. I’d like to avoid the admin burden of frequent alert definition updates.

So far the closest solution I could find is to rather set the Alerts for “Hypervisors”(AWS accounts), so any new RDS instance created in an already monitored AWS Account, the instance will have Alert notification for Failed Backup automatically(as we create a Commvaul Instance for that).
The bottleneck is when we onboard new AWS Accounts: the new accounts (Hypervisors) need to be added to the existing Alert definition manually (as far as I’m aware).

Hope this makes a bit more sense.

That’s why I was hoping that Backup Alerts can be set on the Access Nodes level as those are the ones scheduling backups, etc., but I guess that is not possible then?

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Just to give an update in case someone runs into the same issue:
it is not possible to configure it via proxy nodes. The closest solution is to tick “Instances” on Commserve(not possible via UI), but in that case it will incorporate all type of backups, not just database level.