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  • 19 April 2024
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I have several NDMP jobs that I need to run but due to the hardware having a 16 NDMP connection limit, I need to allow each schedules jobs to complete before initiating the next schedule.

I am aware that a workflow may be the solution but wondered if anyone had any templates or guides to create the workflow as I am at a loss with the Workflow designer.

The schedule has 15 sub-clients in each and all 15 need to complete before the next schedule should run to ensure the hardware limit is not hit.


Appreciate any help or guidance/


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Best answer by Brian Bruno 1 May 2024, 21:31

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Hi @Richard Kent,


While a Workflow would be one approach to this problem, there is a far simpler approach that wouldn’t involve building complex workflows.  We have the ability to configure Job Throttling on a Client or Client Computer Group level.  This would allow you to specify a set number of jobs that are allowed to run concurrently for a given client or client group.


When the number of concurrent jobs is hit, any jobs that are triggered subsequently will be placed into a Queued state until one of the previous jobs complete.  Once the number of concurrent jobs goes below the threshold, then the queued jobs will be allowed to run.


Presently this option is only available in the Java UI, however it will be coming to the Command Center in a future release.  Here is the documentation on how to configure this:


Based on what you’ve stated, this should be the most simplistic way to achieve your end goal.


-Brian Bruno

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Hi @Brian Bruno,


Thank you for the guidance, this worked perfectly for me. 😀


Many thanks,