Creation Authtoken and accepting it

  • 27 February 2024
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Hi Team,


I'm very new to the Rest API, but I was only able to create an authtoken :) As far as I learned, when the authtoken is created, the max. It can be used for 30 days. After this period, it is necessary to create a new authtoken and use the new authtoken. We are thinking something like this, Is it possible to do this?

We are trying to create a powershell script, this script will create a new authtoken every time it runs and will automatically use the new authtoken, then we will be able to GET the information we want from Commvault. Rest

1 reply

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Timeout is defaulted to 30 minutes. You’ll want to create a token for minutes in 30 days by adding timeout to the body of your request. 


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  • timeout integer

    Default value: 30

    Timeout of the token in minutes