Default Dump based backup set configuration

  • 1 March 2024
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I’d like to enable parallel backup config for PostgreSQL databases. I can see I can modify the parallel dump based back up set config to enable parallel backups, but wondering if the default dump based backup set config can have this feature enabled by default?

I don’t find any related article about it.

For reference, this is the attribute I’d like to get enabled by default:



2 replies

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Hello gszoll,

I understand that you wish to enable parallel backup config connection for PG dump databases by default on defaultbackupset configuration.

However, from the current configuration this requires the user to manually fill the number of parallel jobs one wants to run and doing this you will also need to consult with the DBA on the load of the Database as well to ensure the DB in production is not impacted with high load.




pg-dump -j uses multiple database connections to connect to the database, once using the leader process and one more time for each worker job. As pg_dump opens n jobs+1 connections to the database, verify that the max_connections setting is set to the sufficient value that can accommodate all connections.



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Hi @Vaibhav Narayan ,

Thank you for your response!
I understand it is not possible to change the default dump based backup set, but is it possible to create a new backup set that has the parallel config enabled and associate that backupset config any time we create a new backup plan for instances?
Basically creating a new dump based backup set and mark that as the new default set.

Is that possible?

Thank you,