HSX hyperscale performance tuning guides and benchmark documentation

  • 12 April 2023
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Do we have any performance tuning guides for HSX? The customer has a 11 node\24 disk per node cluster and wants to know if they can benchmark performance and get kind of a best practices around tuning and how to get the most out of the HSX. thanks much

2 replies

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Good morning.  No we do not have a performance guide.   Make sure to stay updated on the CDS release, especially with that many nodes in the cluster.

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Thanks. Is there any reference guides at all for any of the below? 

considerations for stream configuration - policy/library/ddb/ for HSX based on backend data load. for example total TB read\write (factoring in Dedupe)
how many streams - HSX support per node\cluster (max load for example)
baseline HSX hardware nodes\cluster recommendations 

thanks again