Logevent activity causing java.lang.IllegalArgumenException

  • 7 February 2024
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 Ok, So I am passing two string variables to the Logevent activity.

One for severity, and one for status.

And its throwing the following :


I did no such thing


Apparently it’s expecting a “SeverityLevel” object.


​​​​​​It’s expecting a severity level object?

The wierd thing is that I have done this before without a problem so I don’t know what the issue is.


I can’t get Jiggy with this someone help.


Best answer by Brian Bruno 7 February 2024, 15:57

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4 replies

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Hi @christopherlecky,


You can pass the SeverityLevel object is expecting one of the following values:







It looks like your xpath is sending ‘Information’ when it should instead send ‘INFO’.  So long as your other activity returns one of the above 4 strings, this should work as expected.


-Brian Bruno

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Thanks Brian, Does case matter for these?

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Yes, it appears it does.  I just tested passing ‘info’ in all lower case and it failed with the same error.  It does appear to expect each of those to be in all capital letters in order for this to succeed.

-Brian Bruno

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That explains it, I was using “Minor”, “Major” etc… and getting the same error. 

I switched to what I saw in the controller after I started getting these errors.


Thanks again for the help.