Monitoring the Status of the Commserve Activty Control

  • 17 October 2022
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is there a way to monitor the Status of the Commserve Activy Control. We are using PRTG to Monitor our Systems and want to get notfied about the Status of the Activity Control in the Commserve. 


I checked the API but did not find anything which is related to this case. Maybe there is a way to trigger a SQL Statement to the Database or SNMP.


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5 replies

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@flokaiser , thanks for the post!

We definitely want a way to query whichever client is in question directly.  The SQL database won’t really know if the services are online, though we can initiate a check readiness.

Give this one a shot and see if it helps:


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I do not want to know about the status of the client. I want to know if the the boxes in the Commserve Activity Control are checked or not. Please look the attached Screenshot.

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Thanks, @flokaiser , I definitely misunderstood.

Try this one:

That shows Activity Control status.

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Hello to all,

Im looking if Commvault supports PRTG integration and I found this thread.

The goal is to send job backup status, disk space usage, replication status etc, to PRTG dashboard.

Also, I dont see any Commvault sensors in PRTG manual:

So, is this scenario supported?


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@Nikos.Kyrm there is no specific Commvault PRTG sensor available. However, you can create a custom sensor and leverage the API to retrieve the requested information from Commvault.