REST API Gaps Collection Point?

  • 6 October 2021
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What’s the proper way to inform Dev of a REST API call I’d like them to implement? Are CMRs the way to go, or is there a different channel? 

The reason I hope for a different channel is that my former TAM assured me Dev wants to know what REST API calls we want/need since they’re trying to wean us from calling SQL database tables directly, so I hope they’re showing their support for with with a specific way of asking. 

(If you’re wondering: I want ways to list subclients that, for example, are of a specific agent type. For that matter, I want a REST API call to show me the agent types in use in a CommCell. Both of these are in support of being to allow users to ask about backups of agent types they support.)

8 replies

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Hello @Nick Laflamme II 

At this time submitting CMR’s are the best way to put requests for product changes/modifications/additions in front of development eyes. I reviewed our current REST API library and confirmed that we don’t have any calls that would return the information you’re looking for. So creating a CMR would be the best route to see REST API queries you’d like added to the product in future versions of the software.

OK, off to remind Dev that some of us come at these problems from different angles than they anticipate. 

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To add to what @Anthony Lordi said, we have options within this platform for Ideation submission, though we want to make sure all of the pieces, automation, etc. is in place before we consider launching.

@Nick Laflamme II , if you wouldn’t mind, can you share the resultant CMR number here for posterity?

I don’t recall ever seeing a CMR number when I submit a form on Back when we had ESP support, my TAM could figure them out, but we’re on a break from that for a couple of months….

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If you don’t get a number, let me know here once you create it, and I’ll search for it, then update here.

Appreciate your posting and hoping to see you more, @Nick Laflamme II !!

The only reference I can give you is “Defect [332534]”, in which I’m told…. just use SQL queries. They even provided a sample query, not that I need one because I’m trying to replace one. 

Go figure. 

One further clarification: 

Dev is emphasizing doing SQL queries against their published views, not internal tables. That is their huge distinction: views good for customers; actual data bad for customers. 

Apparently the TAM who told me “REST API calls good, SQL queries bad,” misunderstood that, or knew instinctively that I hate views and always want to work with the raw data. 

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I can confirm that I have been told the same.  They are moving towards views as they are easier to document and update accordingly.  I know it’s not what you want, though it’s definitely accurate.

The Defect ID is exactly what I need, thank you!  I can see that there was an update this week about getting this accomplished, so that’s a positive.  No ETA (which is the norm), but definitely good news.