SAPA HANA Media Agent configuration

  • 20 November 2023
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Hello everyone,

I’ve to protect a two node SAP HANA database.

The floating IP is managed by pacemaker cluster framework.

After install the SAP HANA agent on both servers, have I to configure a Unix cluster client and use the host cluster name, referring to the VIP, into the SAP HANA pseudo-client instance host details?


Thanks and regards 

2 replies

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Hello Team,


Since you are using pacemaker which is an OS level cluster service the agent will need to be configured as per our cluster doc.


Ensure below:


Note: The host name of the cluster should not be used by any existing client in your CommCell environment.

If you want to specify the IP address of the cluster group, ensure that the IP address is static.



Ensure that the CS/MA can ping the Cluster VIP, the cluster VIP is used for initial communication and after that the process moves over to the active node in the cluster.

For data transfer the active physical node will communicate with the MA to run backup/restores.


Let us know if you have any further queries or concerns.

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Hello and thanks for you answer.

another question regarding the cvclusternotify script.

When you configure a cluster resource, particularly in pacemaker, the actions that the cluster must be able to perform on this resource are start, stop but also monitor.
I was not able to find a proper way in the documentation of the command. 
cvclusternotify -inst InstanceName -cn ClientName [-start | -shutdown]
What could I check to prevent the cluster, failing to monitor it, from considering it shutdown and attempting to restart it?

Thanks and regards