send response back to vra/vro at the end of calling the workflow throught REST API call

  • 21 March 2024
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I have created a workflow to configure Azure NetApp NAS Storage Backup

now i am calling this workflow from VRA/VRO through REST API , VRA/VRo teams wants more details on response after executing the workflow with the success staus of the client configuration

As of now VRA/VRO receives on the workflow execution job ID, after rest api call.  VRA admin needs to have more details send back to VRA as response , like the workflow execution staus, client creation status. How i can achieve this ?



2 replies

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Looks like the Workflow is created by the CV personalization team. You can check the available API’s on the below DOC:

If it doesn’t suit you then please raise a case with us, We will reach out to our personalization team and get the parameters added.

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The workflow is created myself and it is working fine as expected. now i am looking to generate response to send it back to VRA/VRO