Workflow: Can I create a dynamic WizardBlock?

  • 25 August 2023
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Hi community.


I would like to create a dynamic WizardBlock that iterates over a list and displays PopupInputs for all the entries in the list. I tried it already like in the picture below. Unfortunately this just puts every PopupInput after the other but without the “back” and “next” buttons. It is completely ignoring the WizardBlock. The same apllies to a modified version where I put the WizardBlock inside the ForEach loop.



Any ideas if and how I could achieve my goal? I would even go with a solution created dynamically by java code if there is no other option. But I also cannot figure out how I would do that.


Best regards



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Hi @Pasqual Döhring ,

I think the solution I provided to the other question could solve this as well.