workflow or REST API call or Qcommands to delete client VM client and Agent base client

  • 6 March 2024
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I want to automate deletion of client which is already retired, please assist with correct article.

I used below ,










but gets below error.


Delete client automation , automatically evokes DeleteClientAuthorization, not sure what to do here.


Error Code: [19:857]
Description: startup failed: Script1.groovy: 7: Unexpected input: '{ timeout = v_26695f15_7028_414d_a7c7_a074e9e7358f * 1440*60; //Convert timeout in days to unix time workflow.setVariable("VAR_TIMEOUT",timeout); } else { workflow.setVariable("VAR_TIMEOUT",14400*60); //If timeout is not set in configuration, set default timeout as 10 days and converting it to unix time }' @ line 7, column 371. d converting it to unix time } ^ 1 error
Source: ap1smacvcmc002, Process: Workflow


3 replies

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Delete clients is triggering the Business logic workflow which requires authorization.


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Shouldn’t the client delete itself once it’s eligible for deletion once its been retired?