CommVault HSX restore throughput performance

  • 26 January 2022
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Hello CV-Community,
I have started a Hana DB restore from a HyperScale X Appliance and received an average throughput of ~100GB/hr. The Job was successful and in the events, there were no errors. However, I was wondering if this throughput is normal for an HSX 4-Node System. So I have started another restore test to a different physical destination server and received the same average throughput of ~100GB/hr. All systems are redundantly connected with 10G Network. Also, the Health status of the HSX is good. 
I looked on the internet but I could not find a documented Benchmark of the HSX.
Does anyone know if this performance is "good" or normal for this appliance?

For comparison: Backup performance of the same HSX is more then 10x higher and has over 1000GB/hr for the same clients tested for the restore.

Regards, Kevin


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2 replies

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Hey @KEV-IT , welcome to our community!

Let me talk to some of the product folks for HSX and see what they can provide.  I’ll either reply on their behalf or they will directly.


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I heard back (quite quickly):

There is a performance whitepaper available that your account team can share, however for that customer I think it makes more sense for someone to review the cvperfmanager log for them and verify if the HSX is the bottleneck or not first.

"normal" performance is all relative based on the client, configuration, streams, compression rate, etc.