Commvault Hyperscale X reference architecture for Tagged VLAN With Bonding and Management Network

  • 27 March 2024
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Hi Team,

based on below Hyperscale reference architecture deployment link, i have following questions.



  1. in below screenshots, we are adding a VLAN routable data protection network on Bond1 and document says this is also used for commserv registration. The IP address we mention for this vlan tagged interface of hyperscaleX node should be an available IP from the VLAN range/Subnet range correct?




  1. as per below screenshot, since this will be a routable data protection network, should i be giving the Gateway IP address of this routable VLAN network as the “Default Gateway” ?


  1. as shown below, since i also has a dedicated management interface for hyperscaleX node, and if this can also be used for accessing commserv server via its own gateway IP adress, in that should i be giving gateway IP of management network as “Default Gateway” ? so the question is, which default getaway this IP refers to ?


  1. as shown below, is ISO 3.2312 based HyperscaleX can be deployed and integrated into existing commserv running on 11.32.42 ? any compatiblity issue since this ISO 3.2312 image contains commvault version 11.32.35 .



1 reply

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Hi All, any update for my above question.