HSX with tradtional infrastructure.

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we have a customer has commvault archiving solution, with traditional installation as below.

1x cs vm in HQ site

2x windows MA +index  in HQ 

2x windows MA +index  in DR

2x Webservers in HQ 

2x Webservers in DR

2x webconsole in HQ

2x webconsole in DR

now customer bought  2x HSX Appliances 1x HQ, 1x DR


what is the best practice to migrate the data and hardware?  

im thinking of the below

  • deploying the HSX with the existing CS vm 
  • configure the HSX as MA and index nodes
  • dash copy the data to the new HSX
  • offload the old MAs +index 
  • and keep the WSs and WCs as it is 

is this approach okay or there is a better approach?


another question, if i’lll copy the data using dashcopy:

  • will be any issue recalling/restoring the data after demoting the old MAs?
  • will be any issue during outlook addin recalls? 


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Hello @Mansour_Nour 

Thanks for the great question and there are a number of possible issues you may encounter but this is a very environment specific question around architect and design. I don't think community is the best place for this question and I recommend you work with your Account Manager or Professional services to provide you the information you are looking for. 

Ill do my best to answer you question but please note i recommend you confirm and review it all with your contacts.

To move the Index/MA/Web Console/Webserver roles from your existing infra onto the new HSX the following goes over a lot of the steps:


In regards to the recall of your data and outlook add-in, they both use the recall URL that is outlined in the GUI. If this is set correctly it will communicate to the web-console to ask for the data and as long as that is configured correctly then it will know where to go. 


Kind regards

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Thank you @Albert Williams for the response.

I dont think its a good idea to migrate the webservs and webconsoles to the hsx i dont like the idea of configuring all the components on the hsx thus, im thinking to keep the webservers and webconsoles as it is and only migrate the data from the old ma to the hsx using dashcopy not even a hardware refresh.

In a simple way: 

I'll deploy the hsx and add it to the existing CS then dash copy from old ma to the new MA”hsx” then migrate index role to the hsx to aviod any environment related issues. And to have a rollback plan.

My concern is after adding the new ma’s “hsx” to the existing storage polices and performing a dashcopy if i demoted the old ma will the recalls work normally or not.

Old ma is on windows OS and new ma’s “hsx” will be linux based.