Hyperscale X 2.x change meta disk drive

  • 17 April 2024
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I am trying to change physical disk for the Commvault HyperScale X 2.x node.


I am following the Commvault procedure.


But when I am trying to change the disk, I am getting this error:

[admin@klpmda12-nbk Base]$ ./CVSDS -m -l /dev/sdb -V CDS
/opt/commvault/Base/cvsds: invalid option -- 'V'
Please confirm that the node has been rebooted after replacing the damaged metadata drive. Press ‘y’ to confirm and continue with the process [y/n]:y
This option for Metadata Drive Replacement is supported only for HyperScale 1.x
Failed to reconfigure meta data storage
[admin@klpmda12-nbk Base]$


Does any one know the procedure for changing the meta data disk for a HyperScale 2.x ?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Anders Trier Rasmussen 

Can you please share the output of the following from klpmda12-nbk?


#commvault status


Please also ensure the switches are in the correct case, as I noted in your example its:

 ./CVSDS -m -l /dev/sdb -V CDS

instead of 
./CVSDS -M -I /dev/sdb -V CDS


Thank you