Hyperscale X managed by 2 commcell/commserve

  • 9 January 2023
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Hi , 

I have a customer that is exploring if a single HSX cluster can be managed by via 2 different commserve. His second commcell is for a small robo environment . Due to budget issues, he does not has the capital to start a new HSX cluster, hence he is thinking of leveraging an existing HSX cluster that is already tied to commcell A. Wonder if this is possible?


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2 replies

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Hello Iawsy,


Mike from the SDS team here. Unfortunatley the Hyperscale cannot serve 2 masters in this scenario so there is no way to have a Hyperscale node or, if I’m being frank, most Commvault components, to be split between 2 Commserve unless the Commserve in question was a standby or DR Commserve that is ‘offline’ while the primary Commserve is running, though I don’t believe that’s what your customer is hoping to achieve here.


I’m not sure if connetivity general access is an issue but the path of least resistence here would be to see if those clients on the ROBO could be made to connect to the main Commserve for basic backups.


Please let me know if I failed to address the question for you and I’d be happy to follow up.



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@Michael Sanchez ,

Thanks, you have answered my enquiry. Yup customer is looking at 2 separate commserve/commcell ID rather than an active-passive setup.