HyperScale X setup

  • 21 March 2024
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Hello everyone,

instead of assigning management permissions to a Hyperscale X after it has been configured (hsxsetup), is it possible to use the tenant admin account during the join to the commserve phase?

Thanks and regards

2 replies

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Since the Hyperscale cluster will be dedicated exclusively for a new company, and the tenant admin will then have to manage plans, configure clients, etc.. , I would like the hyperscale nodes and its storage pool, where backups are saved, will be immediately manageable in this new company, through the registration and installation process, using the tenant admin account.

If I use the admin account for the registration and installation process, I will then have to assign the security roles to grants the tenant admin to use the hyperscale storage

Thanks and regards

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Hi @Ivan Galli 

Thanks for reaching out.

Just wanted to clarify, you would like to use the tenant admin account for the following step?



If so, the tenant admin will need configure storage rights as well as install to be able to be used?


Alternatively you can use a temporary user (with admin rights) which is only used during the install and can be deleted after as the user is not required post this step.