Assigning new SP and trigerring a Full backup fails

  • 29 March 2023
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I have created a new SP and Dedup DB and assigned it to an existing MA. Created a new Index as well.

Selected a particular client machine that was connected to this MA and changed the SP on this client to the newly created SP however after clicking on Full Backup the system by default shows Incremental in the Job Window and fails with an error ‘Index Restore” - There is no active controller for this device.


For some reason it is not running a full backup. Am I missing a step or two somewhere?

Env - Commvaut 10 R2 Simpana


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5 replies

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The only thing that immediately springs to mind is that this is a OnePass enabled client/subclient. OnePass only allows incrementals and synthetic fulls. OnePass combines backup with archive and allows for object level retention that superseeds storage policy retention.

If you double click on the job and find the events, it should have more information about why it converted to incremental. If it is OnePass, you should tread carefully as switching storage policies and the like could result in archive data loss. If you want to ‘ignore’ this configuration you could try create a new backupset on the client and point it towards the new storage policy and try a full.

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Dear Damian,


Thanks for the valuable inputs. I am not concerned for the old backups. I just need to trigger a Full backup for all the end points after changing and pointing them to the new SP.


The job details pane states the following:-

Phase - Index Restore

Status - Waiting

Error code - 19-1323

Description - Get Media info (There is no active controller for this device)

Source - Commserv 

Process - Job Manager



I have MA1 with existing clients wherein backups stopped 6months ago.

I have purchased a new storage and created a new SP, Dedup and refreshed the Index under the Catalogs tab.

I am now going to client machine and changing the SP to the new one which should trigger a Full Backup but thats not happening due to this error.

Note - Added a new machine for the first time to this SP and the Full Back up completed successfully.


Any suggesions?


Thanks in advance.



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Thinking way back to Commvault 8-10 it used to promote to full on a Storage Policy change but that behaviour isn’t default anymore. I don’t even think it’s an option to enable it (not publicly anyway). 

You can force fulls on individual subclients by running a couple of qscripts.

Firstly, you’ll need to get the subclient IDs of the subclients for a client using this script:

Then you can run the 2nd qscript to promote to full by subclient id:


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Hi Michael,



Thanks for the info however even after running the above scripts which happen to execute successfully the system is still triggering an Incremental Backup and then throws an error  Code 19:1323 There are no active controller for this device.





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Hi Guys,

Managed to get the Full Backup to work.

Change the retention setting from no. of days to Use storage policy copy retention under the client computers default settings and wallah, full backups got initialized.


Have one question though, any way of applying a new storage policy to 100+ clients in one go in Simpana 10 R2?