Azure VM backup and ASR - possibility of encountering issues

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Hello Community,


#1 Is there a possibility of encountering issues such as performance degradation, resource contention, and conflicts when running both Commvault Azure VM backup (both Intellisnap and regular Azure VM-level backup) and Azure Site Recovery (ASR) on the same virtual machine at the same time(running both Commvault Azure VM backup using Intellisnap and ASR on the same virtual machine) or any side node from other customers that you were aware of 


#2 are those two solutions work differently and capture different types of data during backup/asr replication?





Best answer by Zubair Ahmed Sharief 3 May 2023, 06:00

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Hello @DanC 

It is not recommended to use any two backup solutions at the same time i.e., Commvault Azure VM backup and ASR. It does affect the performance. It may also interfere with Commvault snapshot management. 

Instead of ASR, you can attempt to use Commvault Live Sync for Azure VMs which performs the DR however control by CommVault instead of Azure. 

If you are compelled to user ASR, please attempt to use it a different time as compared to Commvault VM backups. 

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@Zubair Ahmed Sharief  thanks