Cassandra, CQL Authentication Service Account Permissions?

  • 17 November 2023
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Configuring Cassandra client in our environment and the Engineers want to create a Service Account for CV backups with Cassandra.  However couldn’t find a doc on minimal permissions needed for backups and restore, anyone know if one exists?

1 reply

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@pjvaldez : For cassandra we have JMX credentials and CQL credentials and also SSL config for both.

All of them are not mandatory, which ever is configured for the cassandra cluster, should be specified in the client properties. 

cqlsh user is basically cassandra user what we use.. so for backup and restore, that user needs to have create and select list permissions on all keyspaces, no roles for jmx as such. 

Ref to:


Please let us know if there are more further queries on this.