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  • 14 June 2023
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Hi team, please you could help me with a problem, i need to know how i can change the way that one job start a backup by user, beacuse currently my boss will delete one user, and i need configure each task in another user for example i need to change this user to other, but i but I can't find the option from where to do it.



2 replies

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When you delete the user it will ask you if you want to transfer all ownership to another user 🙂

I would select the commcell admin 😉


Or use this to perform the transfer without deletion of the user:

1. From the CommCell Browser, go to Security > CommCell Users.

2. In the CommCell Users pane, right-click the user, and then click Transfer Ownership.

3. The Transfer Ownership from User dialog box appears.

4. Click the user or user group to transfer ownership to.


For only schedules / scheduled policies you can also use these options:


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Thank you for your answer i’ll do it