Changing the Active Directory domain to a new one - migration

  • 17 January 2022
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Hello Commvault Community,


I need to change the Active Directory domains to a new one (new name, new user accounts, change of Hostnames for Clients) - I already have a plan on how to do it.


I would like to make sure that the plan I have prepared for myself doesn’t have any missing elements. I have the biggest concerns when changing the domain for CommServe (whether everything will flow without any problems on the SQL database side).


The environment runs on the SP24 version, all configured Clients have DNS Hostnames. For example, there is currently the domain "ABC" and it’s to be changed to the domain "AB".


On the DNS side of the server, we plan to add a second record with the target domain - "AB" for each Client, then the Clients will run on two DNS Hostname, but the recognizable one on the Commvault side will be one - old domain.



1. Create an account with "Master" permissions.

2. DR Backup.

3. Adding the "Domain Controller" in the "Security" tab and assigning the newly created users to the new Domain (then testing if the access works).

4. Changing the Hostname for Clients from the "Properties" level and the Service Account for SQL Agents and SharePoint Agent to the newly created user from the new domain.

5. Check Readiness for Clients with a new domain name and a test backup job.

6. At the very end, switching CommServe to a new domain through the options from Control Panel> Name Management> "Update CommServe hostname on CommServe and Remote Clients"

* Here before, stopping all tasks, disabling Scheduler and activities in the environment and then using the previously described option. The question is whether anything else needs to be prepared before using this option. Should everything at this point overlap correctly on the CommServe and SQL database side (can there be any overvoltage problems and will you need to change the registry for the CommServe Instance?)

7. Unpinning old DNS addresses to the old domain on the DNS server side.

I know there is an option to update the domain, but I haven't had the opportunity to use this option, is it recommended for changes like this?






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@Kamil , you can do much of this through the Client and CS name change options:

  1. Perform the name change on the computer's operating system and then verify the following:

    • Verify that the computer is available in the network with the new name. (DNS lookup or other name resolution facilities are appropriately configured to resolve the new name of the computer.)

    • Verify that all applications running on the computer, for example, SQL server, Exchange, Server, and Oracle database, function with the new name. To rename a computer that hosts a stand-alone instance of SQL Server, see

    • Use ping (or other network connectivity utilities) to verify that the computer with the new name is accessible. Also verify that other computers in the network are accessible to the computer with the new name.

  2. From the CommCell Console ribbon, click the Home tab and then click Control Panel.

  3. Under Maintenance, click Name Management.

    The Name Management Wizard appears.

  4. Select Update CommServe hostname on CommServe and Remote clients and then click Next.

    The current hostname of the CommServe is automatically populated in the Old CommServe Name box.

  5. In the New CommServe Name box, enter the new host name and then click Finish.

Everything else you have looks sound.  Once the name change on the CS and clients is done, you sho0uld be able to go and change the remaining items via credential manager: