Command Center Overview Dashboard displays nothing and has errors

  • 5 November 2021
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Hello -

We just moved a Commserve to a new Virtual machine using the CSRecoveryAssistant.  I am switching my customer over to the command center as we are refreshing media agents and storage.  When going to the dashboard, all I get are “oops something went wrong” multiple times.  I assume it is pulling info for the various tiles and can’t.  Is this a SQL issue of some sort?  What can I do to troubleshoot this?  Also, we are unable to see existing SQL clients in the Command Center.  That may be normal but I wasn’t sure.



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4 replies

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Just an advise, which helped me in the past for command center issues: check the developer console in your browser, it can show you problems which are related.

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Webconsole may be installed, but is webserver installed? that is what serves up that sort of data. Also I think the dashboards rely on caching from mongoDB, so ensure the CS has that installed (it should be installed with command center).

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Support to the rescue!!  They had to disable something from using (BranchCache) on port 80, restart Commvault services and then the webconsole claimed port 80 and all was good.

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They are the best (though I might be biased having been in support for 15+ years) :joy: