Commserve SQL Database(SQL 2016 SP2) | Does MSSQL update13 will cause any gotcha on SP20 or later,

  • 7 January 2022
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Hello team,


CS is V11/SP20 with latest hotfix pack


we’re going to patch CS sql database to update 13 and i found a ticket that references to SP18 without issue. Does this MS patch will cause any gotcha on SP20 or later, and if any customer do this ?


Just want to make sure that(apply MS sql update13) nothing come up with later version of CV




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5 replies

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On this topic, depending on your OS and SQL version, you can have Commvault include OS and SQL updates when applying FRs and MRs.

Including Windows OS and SQL Server Updates When Installing Commvault Feature and Maintenance Releases


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I haven’t heard anything about an issues with that setup, which is a good thing (and expected).  

@Scott Moseman ‘s method is a solid approach as well.  He knows his stuff!!

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thank you very much, Mike and Scott

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Hi @DanC !  We generally support whatever level MSFT supports for SQL, though I can talk to some of our internal folks to see if anything has come up that I am not aware of.

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@Mike Struening 
thank you and please let me know once you hear back from the team

@Scott Moseman 
thank you and does this approach will pull the latest MS patch automatically from MS site or grab latest MS patch from cv package ?