Commvault on RedHat 8.2 not working

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Hi, could you help me please?
I'm installing Commvault version 11.30 on Linux RedHat 8.2. The installation was successful, but when I log in, I get the following error message below.


Error [0x80070306:{CCvNetwork::SendXDRMessageInternal(5343)} + {CCvNetwork::SendXDRMessagePrivate(5098)/W32.774.(One or more errors occurred while processing the request. (ERROR_ERRORS_ENCOUNTERED.774))-Message (0x34000220/APPMGR_HANDLE_XML_REQ) is not allowed from client (commvaultrhel/ network access)/ network access/0/0(AppManager network access) AppMgrSvc(136786:b980c700)) authenticated with built-in certificates.}] re-sending request to server.


Best answer by Gowri Shankar 6 June 2023, 18:10

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Hi @Rafaelctt 


Looks like the Linux server failed to pull the certificate from the CS.


Could you try to renew the certificate manually


If this fails then follow steps from the below link


Let us know if the issue still persists.



Gowri Shankar


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Hi @Gowri Shankar  ,

Thanks, this option resolved the issue.*9fhxjz*_gcl_au*MTM4MzcxNjA2Mi4xNjgwNTkyNzkw


Best Regards,