Commvault using SQL Always On as a system Database?

  • 9 March 2023
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During the installation of Commvault CommServe is it possible to:

A: Use an instance of SQL NOT installed on the same server as CommServe?

B: Assuming YES to above, use a clustered Always On Deployment of SQL?

C: Is CommServe supported on a shared SQL instance and not an instance dedicated to CommServe?

D: Do any of the above have implications on the backup of the system database?

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Hi @Glenn 

  1. No. For the Commserve the Commvault binaries must reside on the same server as the SQL Instance.
  2. N/A
  3. No. The SQL instance must be dedicated to Commvault.
  4. I'm not sure I understand the question - system database or user database (As in the Commserve)

To provide some context for you. Many years ago we used to support using a shared SQL Instance and/or separating the binaries from the database. Very few customers adopted this approach and they had a massively disproportionate number of Critical / High priority development escalations - I think I am right in saying that a decision was made to stop supporting it, rather than there being a technical rationale as to why it wouldn't work. We are talking v8 timeframes and the application has moved on considerably so I would expect there to be technical issues with trying to separate them now.

I advise customers to treat the Commserve as a “Black Box” rather than a SQL instance, with the exception of SQL security updates, for which I recommend they follow their internal policy. And I recommend that they ensure they lag or confirm supportability before applying any SQL CUs.