Configure Commvault WORM on HYDRAstor with WORM Enabled

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Good day All.

I am busy with an implementation to configure WORM from Commvault and writing to HYDRAstor. The solution makes use of both Intellisnap and streaming backups.

The challenge is that the requirement has requirements for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly retention.What is the best method to configure this?

I have seen that the Snap Primary copy and Primary copy needs to have the same retention. How do you cater for the extended retention requirement? Is it possible to enable Extended Retention on the Primary copy or is the only way to create secondary copies for each retention requirement and enable WORM on those copies/storage pools?

The challenge with HYDRAstor is to reduce reads as much as possible but when Aux copies run between the copies it initiates reads in order to write to the next copy for the new retention.

I understand that the jobs/storage pools can be deleted If any of the copies were configured incorrectly but Support would be required?


Any advise will be appreciated.





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Hi All.

Apologies for continuing on this thread again. I have noticed some strange behavior in this test environment now.

Any job pointing to this Plan (Storage Policy) fails to run. Depending on the job type, it just sits in “Waiting” status with no updates at all in the job controller or the logs. This is either after the Scan phase with the File System agent or Discovery phase for VM backups.

If I change the job to use a different plan it runs through.

This started happening about a week ago. I can see that jobs have been aged off but the actual media is still present on the Disk Library. I have run Data Aging but the data is not getting deleted.


The mount path is available but when running a “Validate Mount Path” operation the following error is displayed.

During the validation the below is logged in the Event Viewer.

Any idea what this is?


Another strange this, when I review the Workflow that I used to configure WORM lock the window displays this as the retention days.


Weird as the Storage Policy has the below values configured.

How many Storage Policies can be linked to a WORM enabled Library?


Hopefully there are some answers out there.





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Hi Iggy,


If the secondary copy data is going to the same HYDRAstor library, there is no real value in performing Aux copy.


Yes, Extended retention can be configured on the primary copy for weekly, Monthly and yearly retention.

Worm copy does not premature deletion of the jobs before retention is met. Jobs in worm copy will age off based on retention.

hope this helps!



Venu Kondabhathini