Content Indexing against Synthetic Fulls?

  • 20 April 2021
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Can someone please confirm whether or not content indexing is supported against synthetic full backups?  We have a single Commvault resource that seems to be implying that CI is NOT supported against synthetic full backups, only traditional fulls and incrementals, and this doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere.  Thank you.


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That is a good question which I too could not find in the regular online documentation but when you navigate through the:

There is an section that says that a new index is generated only when you have a full / incremental or differential jobs. This section is under the Indexing Operations on the link above, which then sort of confirms your point that the CI would run against the synthetic full since that actually does not generate any new index log files.

It`d be nice to have that here: as well.

Hope that helps.

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Hi BillK,

Content Indexing for Agents That Use Indexing Version 1

Applies to: Agents that use Indexing Version 1

Before you can search your content indexed data, you must enable content indexing at the storage policy level and the client level.

Note: We recommend that you enable content indexing on a storage policy that is configured to perform synthetic full or DASH full backups. If you enable content indexing on a storage policy that is configured to perform traditional full backups, duplicate objects might appear in the content index and search results.


Content indexing support is here but does not mention backup type.


Can you share more on the error you are receiving?