DDB verification of deleted data

  • 16 March 2023
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Quick question on this topic. Suppose data was accidentally deleted and you ran DDB verification and it came back with and error “cannot find path” Does DDB verification fix that for backups going forward?


Thanks in advance. 

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Hey @Yelkaoog,

I started this as a new topic as its an interesting question. The answer depends…

If you deleted chunk data (chunk folder or files) then yes, DDB verification will mark those as bad and not reference them going forward. However, if a volume folder is missing, that is much more serious and we would not want to automatically mark the corresponding chunks as bad because it could be a LOT of data. Humans make mistakes, and if you migrated a mount path and made a mistake, we wouldn't want to mark all the data as bad - so that is why its not automatically done at that level.