Enable Root User after storage pool deletion

  • 26 February 2024
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Is there a way to enable the Root User on a Hyperscale 1.5 node from command line? 

It was disabled when we deleted the storage pool and I was unaware we cannot run the umount command as the cvbackupadmin user.  


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5 replies

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Is ‘nodes’ missing from the storage → HyperScale view because the storage pool was deleted?

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Yes we are decommissioning the appliance.  The documentation page called out deleting the storage pool then running commands to stop the cluster. 

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You should be able to regain root access using the following steps below, you will need to have Console access via kvm or ipmi or equivalent:

  • During the system boot, hit the esc key to gain access to the grub menu
  • Select/highlight the kernel version in the Grub menu using the Up/Down arrow keys and press 'e' to start editing.
  • Scroll down to the line starting with linux/linux16/linuxefi.
  • Go to the end of the line and add the string “rw init=/bin/sh”
  • Press Ctrl-x to accept the changes and boot.

Once you’ve gained access, run the command #passwd and enter in a new or existing password, this will re-enable the root with the password entered.

One done, reboot using #/usr/sbin/reboot -f


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Would the user need to re-enable ssh access for root?


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That worked, thank you!