How does Read/Write/Delete work for NFS ObjectStore?

  • 11 January 2021
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Hi Team,


We’re discussing this internally within our organisation and wish to gain some clarification how we perform I/O against NFS object storage.


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Best answer by Winston W 11 January 2021, 03:03

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2 replies

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Hi Jon 


By design for NFS ObjectStore the creation/modification/deletion of files function as below:


Write Process

  • Client writes a File to the NFS Share (single Write), it is written to NFS cache in the form of 10 MB blocks (called as extents).

  • The metadata about the file and extents is written to a journal file.

  • The metadata sits in Journal File for up to a minute and then flushed to the Index Server (Index Cloud).

  • So index cloud holds the information about the files/folders and extents.


Read Process:

  • During a read operation, the user will first access the file from the NFS Share.

  • If the required extent exist in the NFS Cache it will continue to read from the Cache, otherwise it will reach out to the Index Server and replay the extents


File Delete and Prune Process:

  • We will first update the Index (on the Index Server) and mark the file as deleted.

  • As per the retention criteria, the admin process (pruning thread which runs every 24 hours) will mark the file as pruned.


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Thanks @Winston W, that answers it perfectly!


Take care, ta!