How to delete backup set and change backup set retention?

  • 11 October 2021
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I configured cloud storage with DDB and plan to enable WORM copy.


1, I’m new on CV,  could you guide me how to delete backup set and change retention? want to validate after enable WORM copy on storage.


2, We could enable WORM copy on CV level to make sure no one will delete backup set, any suggestion to protect container on Azure blob? want to make sure no one could delete it?


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Hello @xiwen and thanks for the post!

Here’s the directions:

It’s relatively straight forward.

For the Azure blob deletion, (and really all entity deletion), how have you set up user permissions?  Your first line of defense is ensuring that most people simply don’t have any rights to delete anything:

You can check this list to see what is required to do any deletions and then assure that very few people can even attempt to do it (plus, we have some confirmation checks in the process).