IBM Domino autodiscover in multiple folders

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Hello! At this page ther’s a:

Configuring Folder Based Auto Discovery

meaning that, every databases under a specific folder, will be backupped using a naming <folder>\**
Is it correct using a simple \** to treat the same for every folders under the ‘root’ partition in the Domino instance?
Thank you.

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Good afternoon.  What is the goal here?  Are you just attempting to discover all DBs?

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SOLVED - the behaviour is:
- autodiscovery box empty => "Catch all" behaviour in all folder&subfolder from the root Domino directory
- autodiscovery box with multiple, semicolon separeted path => only the modified or added NSF db's inside those paths will be backed up.


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Hello Orazan, yes I would like to use the autodiscovery to be sure to backup all newly created NSF file’s databases in a Windows host Domino server.
Since I could have multiple directory under the root Domino, is there a way to catch all the *.nsf file?
I’ve tested a \** and a \*\** but the expected it’s note the executed.

Thank you.