intellisnap on AIX and linux via HDS G500

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Hi I have a customer that has linux and aix hosts in their environment and they have lots of small files within these 2 filesystems. Currently , they have HDS G500 as their underlying storage. As they are experiencing slow backup and restoration for their current veritas solution , hence i decided to propose intellsnap as part of the competitive take out value proposition.

We know that intellisnap helps to create app aware snapshots. IntelliSnap extends beyond just creating or deleted snapshots/clones. Secondary operations are automatically mounted to a proxy server which will mount the snapshots/clones for further processing, whether that is further indexing or cataloging of the data or creating longer term copies of the data to deduplicated disk, cloud copies, or tape. This content aware process provides rapid recovery options whether a full system recovery or a single file is required.

Question is once we are done with the intellisnap , can we do image backup which translate to faster backup regardless of small files? Can we still restore individual files after the indexing is done via intellisnap?


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Could you confirm for which iDA you’re doing the appaware backup? Are you talking about Oracle appaware VSA backups? Because for Linux it supports the Oracle AppAware backups for Linux VM’s:


Or if you’re talking about the Intellisnap backups for the File system, it’s going to be the backup copy job which will mount the snapshot on the proxy and going to perform the stream based backup along with indexing etc. phases which will then allow you to do the granular restore

However, if you had the catalog option enabled during snap backup, it should allow you to browse the files in the job. However to restore the individual file, it’ll require to mount the snapshot either on the proxy or on the client itself to access the catalogged files in the snapshot.

If cataloging is hampering performance, refer to :

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Hi @Abdullah ,

Thanks for the reply on the granular restore. Maybe let me rephrase , the secondary operations of intellisnap are mounting the snapshots/clones to the proxy for further processing, whether that is further indexing or cataloging. This will take longer time if there are alot of small files? We are talking about 2TB with maybe hundreds of millions of files as this is a document management application. 

You provide a good link about skip cataloging to improve performance . Thanks , just curious does intellisnap also leverages the traditional scan method or it uses otherwise or does not even needs to do the scan?

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HI Lawysy,


Thanks for replying the thread and apologies for delayed response. Actually during cataloging of the snapshot, it needs to create an index of the contents inside the snapshot for which it needs to mount the snapshot and perform a filescan on it. If there are more files, It’s likely to take more time on it.

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Hi Abdullah,

No worries and thank you for your response to this.