Is a Postgresql Paroni cluster backup supported under CV, howto configure, howto Backup?

  • 8 March 2022
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My customer setup a Postgresql Patroni cluster. I found this description

 Patroni : Setting up a highly available PostgreSQL Cluster - CYBERTEC (

If he backup one of the passiv nodes he got “Could not put the Cluster in backup mode”


AnalyzeResult() - eRRoR --  PQresultStatus indicates failure for SELECT pg_start_backup('name'). Error:ERROR:  recovery is in progress

I would say it is the nature of a “not master” node to be in recovery status.

Backup of master node cause no issues.

I found no document in BOL how to configure a patroni cluster or howto backup it.

Is it supported?


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2 replies

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Hi Joerg,


Patroni cluster is not supported as such. If it’s a single standby-master configuration, standby feature can be used to perform backup/restore from passive node.


Otherwise please take backup from master. Multiple standby configuration is not supported by commvault yet. We have plans to add support in future. How many nodes are there in customer setup? 




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Hi Meera,

Thanks for the fast answer.

Customer describes the cluster as three node construct but I am not sure if in this environment the monitoring is one part.

Kind regards