large capacity restores (TBs) from HNAS subclients w many shares

  • 24 August 2021
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We have a need to restore from HNAS backups.  Currently the only way to restore is via a share path to its original destination.  With our subclients having many shares as its content, what is the best way of performing large capacity restores, (TBs)? 


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4 replies

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@DeoneRH If you would like to restore data in place (back into the same folder), you can leave the restore to same folder checkbox selected and the files will be restored to the same location where they were backed up from. Both NDMP and CIFS share backups will be able to restore data to the same place the data was backed up from.

However if you are trying to restore it out of place and would like the data from different shares to be restored to distinct share paths, you would have to run individual restores and specify the destination paths in each case.

Hope this helps. If it doesn’t please elaborate the scenario and I can try to assist further.

Thank you

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Hey @DeoneRH - By HNAS, are you doing NDMP or filesystem-based backups?

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Thanks Damian for reaching out. If i’m not mistaken I believe they are NDMP


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This is for one of the customers I support...however can we cover both scenarios for my information?