Limit 50 streams on Storage Policy

  • 30 March 2021
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Hi to all,
I can't set a storage policy with more than 50 streams. I currently have a version 11 SP20 installed.
I have tried with various types of libraries (tape, disk library). The commserve has been updated several times over the years (I think the oldest was a SP8).


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5 replies

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Hi Gabriele,

Do you see any error while setting the streams or GUI just doesn’t let you go beyond 50?

If you are getting a warning popup when setting the streams more than 50, you can still click “Yes” and override the warning (if you are sure your Storage policy can handle those many streams).





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Do you have a limit set in the Media Management Configuration


Maximum number of parallel data transfer operations for deduplication engine

Definition: Specifies the number of streams used by backups, auxiliary copy operation, and so on, to access the deduplication database.

Default Value: 200

(Note: If CommServe is installed or upgraded from Commvault package earlier than SP2 release, then the default value will appear as 50.)

Range: 0 to 600

Usage: The number of streams to DDB should not exceed the maximum range as it may degrade the performance.

Note that, this parameter has precedence over the device streams specified on the Storage Policy properties. For example, if the storage policy is set to 100 device streams and this parameter is set to 50, then only 50 device streams will be used to access the DDB.

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I have no warnings, I cannot enter a number greater than 50.

I've already tried with “Maximum number of parallel data transfer…..”


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Hi @Gabriele Palumbo,

Could you share a screenshot of this please?

Also, Are you using the Java CommCell Console on the CommServe itself or from a remote machine? - If remote then check its up to date, or load it on the CS.

Best Regards,


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Yes Gabriele, please check out what Michael has suggested and if still an issue please raise a support ticket and we will check it out.