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  • 19 April 2021
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I upgrade the Commserver from version 11 SP 13+ to 11.22.13.

Someone already had a problem like that

and the Job 27641

Job 27641 had no problems:


Message in Commserv:



Best answer by Fernando Souza 21 April 2021, 17:19

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@Fernando Souza , were the errors for jobs in the middle of the upgrade?  It looks like there was a hiccup in communication/services.

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Hello @Mike Struening 

I think the problem was lost communications, i think if happen again, but the backup was made, but more time.

and i think is need to update to more new version.

Version today: 11.22.13

New version: 11.22.17*

whats do you think?

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They definitely appear as communication errors, though I suspect you saw them because the jobs were running during an upgrade of one of the components in the backup (i.e. the job, CS, or Ma upgraded, but this depends on the type of job).

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hello @Mike Struening 

i updated Service Pack for Windows 2012 and next tuesday i will update to new version.
Update Commvault 11.22.13  ==> 11.22.17

and after will update the cliente too.

and i think solve the problems, i will send a message to warn you,