Need Guidance / Opinions on Version Upgrade From v11.22.57

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v11.22.57 has reached end of life. I’m looking for some help on where to go from here. Here is the response from CV support:

“We have version 11.24 which is a long-term feature Release and the latest 11.26 which is a short-term feature release.”

I took a look at the newsletter for new features and they both have some good stuff. I’m wondering if anyone has any good or bad experience from upgrading from 11.22.57 to 11.24 or 11.26?



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Hi @Neil Cooper !  Great conversation starter, and I expect to see a ton of solid (and valid yet differing) feedback!

The short answer is: it depends on your needs.

The longer answer is: what features in the post-latest-LTS-release are important to you?

Nothing else considered, I would always say “install the latest LTS”.  However, there are new features (too numerous to list) in the later MRs.  However, consider that support for those MRs will end BEFORE the latest LTS.

So medium length answer: go for the newest LTS unless a feature in a newer release will be beneficial to your environment.

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Thanks @Mike Struening 

Does the LTS require more work to upgrade to versus the MR? ie. I noticed the update to the current MR was a very smooth transition will minimal downtime to the CommServe, Media Agents and clients.


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Nope!  they should all be the same smooth upgrade.  Each LTS is an MR like the others from that perspective.  Having an LTS makes it more productive for development to have that long term baseline, and allows you to plan out your upgrade requirements longer term (i.e. you know you are on a supported release until date X).  Essentially, it makes support easier for everyone!

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Hi @Neil Cooper and @Mike Struening 

As already explained here, it depends on what features you already use, obsolescence of your MAs and clients too, features or infrastructures that you also would use.

Like Command Center that has improved a lot from FR24 to FR25 and still more on FR26… 

But yes, FR26 is a bit too young for now..

On my environment I noticed that each FR upgrade would require almost 45 minutes from start to end on my CS, then push upgrade of all my infrastructure takes a few minutes per MA, a bit less for simple clients. 

Applying MR takes almost 5 minutes, and I apply them quite fast on a monthly basis now, while I never came across issues since a while.

But, each environment is different, so of course I don’t speak for the whole community 😄