Oracle "Best Practice" of Synchronizing the Oracle Control File with the Recovery Catalog

  • 3 October 2022
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Background: In the documentation, among the plethora of ‘additional configuration” for Oracle client backups, there is “Synchronizing the Oracle Control File with the Recovery Catalog”: Synchronizing the Oracle Control File with the Recovery Catalog (

This link/doc indicates: 

“The control file contains the latest backup information, which is required to perform restores.

You must synchronize the recovery catalog with the control file.

Best Practice: Set this feature on the default subclient.”


Question: If the Oracle backups under “subclient” → properties → Content have “Backup Control File” checked… then do we need to do this additional “best practice” configuration (which requires changing how we connect to the Oracle DB as we have to use ‘Catalog Connect” to backup Sync the control file)?


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Hi Tigger2

Oracle RMAN does implicit resync catalog. But we dont know exactly when it gets triggered.

If you enable that option on Oracle subclient, we explicitly run “resync catalog” during RMAN script execution for backups.

Decide based on whether your recovery catalog & controlfile are up to date all the time or any delay found in records in controlfile vs recovery catalogdb.